Now Hiring in Kent!

Join the Kent Dick's Drive-In Opening Team!

We’re taking pre-applications for Kent crew members! If you’re willing to travel to Seattle for training this summer (transportation provided by Dick’s Drive-Ins) we’re hiring! 

Jobs start as early as end of May.

  • Start at $15/hour
  • While training in Seattle, receive the $2/hour Seattle stipend
  • Get paid for travel time on the Dick’s Drive-In crew shuttle
  • 20-40 hours per week
  • All employees who work 20 hours a week for at least six months and continue to work at least 20 hours a week while going to school have access to a $25,000 scholarship over 4 years. You can use this scholarship for any college, vocational or self-improvement program.










*typical applicants have to work 6 months before being eligible, $25,000 paid out over 4 years — $3,500 per year the first two years and $9,000 per year the next two years, must continue employment for continued use of scholarship