As of Monday, 3.30.2020 ALL LOCATIONS ARE OPEN **Special Note: Queen Anne has temporary special hours starting 3.26.2020, 10:30AM - 6:30PM. This allows us to redistribute employees and managers to other locations while some high-risk employees or those living with high-risk family members stay home.

Dear Customers,

Yesterday evening, the Governor of Washington State issued a two-week stay home order for all non-essential businesses. As a company that provides food options in a safe way and at low cost in our communities, Dick’s continues to be allowed to serve an essential function for our customers. Our crew’s incredible effort to implement new sanitation procedures on top of our already high standards for food quality and cleanliness makes this possible.

Dick’s Drive-In has seen Seattle and our customers through good times and bad for over 66 years. Our first location was under construction just as the Alaskan Way Viaduct opened for the first time. Our customers saw the Space Needle rise from the ground and Seattle host the World’s Fair. Dick’s employees had been serving customers for 15 years by the time Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Customers celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall with a Deluxe, Fry and Shake. They found solace in the same meal after planes fell from the sky on 9/11.

We hope that the simple fact that we remain open and that our customers can get that burger, fry and shake they’ve grown up with provides a small comfort and some sense of normalcy to our friends and neighbors in very uncertain times.

Thank you for continuing to buy burgers, fries and shakes at our restaurants and online through DoorDash. Thank you for being aware of the social distancing lines on our patios. Thank you for the gratitude you show our crew members as they work hard to serve you and keep our restaurants safe. Thank you for your patience as we have temporarily discontinued providing straws for your safety. Thank you for using debit and credit cards if you can to reduce the need for our employees to handle cash. Thank you for buying gift certificates and apparel online at DDIR.com. Thank you for staying safe at home, following social distancing recommendations and washing your hands.

Thank you,

Jasmine Donovan

President, Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants

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Check out the Kent Grand Opening on December 12th, 2018. This is the 7th Dick’s Drive-In and first location South of Seattle.

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