Dick's Drive-In delivered with DoorDash!

Order Restrictions

Orders must be placed by 11:15 PM to ensure delivery.

Order Up to $50 Before Tax  If your order is going to be larger than $50 you will need to call the location you’d like to pick up from and place the order with a store manager, restrictions may apply. Click here for our restaurant locations and phone numbers. $50 can get you 16 Cheeseburgers, or 9 Dick’s Deluxes!

Order Up to 10 Fries  Due to our limitations in cooking large quantities of fries, we can only guarantee the quality if we limit fries to 10 per delivery order. It’s recommended that you place delivered fries in the oven or air fryer at 350 degrees for a few minutes until crispy.

No Ice-cream / Ice-cream Floats  At the moment DoorDash has no way to deliver our ice cream without it melting, so any ice-cream floats or ice-cream cones will need to be ordered at a window, in person, at any Dick’s Drive-In location.

How it Works and Pricing

What is this? After many requests for Dick’s Drive-In to deliver, we’re offering delivery with DoorDash! We just want your feedback to know you’re happy with your food. There will be many opportunities to leave feedback with DoorDash or you may share pictures of your delivered food on social media, either tagging us or using #DicksDriveIn.

How much is it? DoorDash has a $3.99 delivery fee, as well as a 9.99% service charge on all orders before tax. Example: Deluxe + Fry + Shake  ($5.30 + $2.80 + $3.80) = $11.90 before tax. With the service charge and delivery fee, your order comes out to $17.08

Who can order delivery? Anyone inside the delivery radius of one of our locations can order. By entering your delivery address on the DoorDash website you can find out if you are in range. To make sure you receive delicious food, only addresses that can be reached from one of our restaurants in 12 minutes or less can order delivery. DoorDash will have an approximate total delivery time for you depending on the time of day and the availability of a delivery driver. This includes the driver getting to a Dick’s Drive-In, ordering your food, and delivering it to you.

Contact DoorDash Support

Did something go wrong with your order? If you ordered Dick’s Drive-In through door dash and there is a problem with your order, please contact DoorDash support by calling (650)-681-9470