Thank you for your votes!

We received tens of thousands of votes for where YOU want our food truck to go first! We’ve already narrowed down our top cities for the food truck, now we’re ready to narrow down the best location for a new eastside Dick’s Drive-In! Click here for more info.

Check back soon for more information on when and where the food truck will deploy!


Food Truck FAQ

My city is one of the first five, when will we see the Food Truck? Our Food Truck is made it’s way from Portland to Seattle on Saturday, November 21st! It won’t be too long after that we make visits to these top 5 cities. If you want the latest news on when / where the food truck will deploy, follow our social media and keep an eye on this page.

Why won’t the Food Truck be selling fries? Unfortunately, we could not include our signature fries on this one, but we will have chips. However, if this truck is successful, we have plans for more in the future including a fry truck!

I don’t agree with the first five cities, why aren’t you coming to my city? After 40,000+ votes from our customers these are the first five cities to get a visit from the Food Truck. These are not the ONLY cities the Food Truck will visit, don’t worry. Of course we want to visit as many cities as possible!

How do I apply to work on the Food Truck? We are not hiring specifically for our new Food Truck but are always accepting applications to work at our restaurants. Learn more about working at Dick’s Drive-In and fill out a pre-application at

Inquiries about the food truck? Email your questions to