Can you cater my event?

We do not cater, but we can often accommodate large orders that can be served at special events. If our Bellevue (Crossroads) location is close to your event, consider ordering our large quantity Burger Boxes for pick-up.

For large orders from a location other than our Bellevue (Crossroads) location, see below for more information on “How do I place a large order?”

How do I place a large order?

Now accepting orders of 100 burgers with a max order of 75 Deluxe burgers at large stores (Wallingford, Edmonds, Kent, Crossroads and Federal Way) and a max order of 50 Deluxe burgers at smaller stores (Holman Road, Lake City and Queen Anne).

When making large quantity orders, please call the location you wish to order from with as much advanced notice as possible.

Wallingford: (206) 632-5125
Broadway: (206) 323-1300
Holman Rd: (206) 783-5233
Lake City: (206) 363-7777
Queen Anne: (206) 285-5155
Edmonds: (425) 775-4243
Kent: (206) 304-5025
Crossroads: (425) 283-0012
Federal Way: (253) 681-9995

To ensure all customers receive high-quality french fries, we are limited in the number we can serve at any one time. The store manager can give you more specific limits depending on the date/time and location of your order.

We love large orders, but please keep in mind our first priority is serving our customers on the patio, so please call in advance.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We now deliver through DoorDash, for more information click click here for more information about DoorDash. To head straight to the DoorDash order page, click Click here to order through DoorDash.

I have a question about my Dick's Drive-In order through DoorDash...

If your order did not come as expected you must contact DoorDash directly by calling (650)-681-9470. 

Does Dick’s franchise?

Dick’s is a family owned company. We own all of our locations and have no plans to franchise.

Where can I find allergen information?

I am a vegetarian, is there anything I can eat at Dick’s?

Yes! Our french fries are hand-cut from real potatoes in our restaurants and cooked in trans fat-free sunflower oil. Our hand-dipped and individually whipped milkshakes are vegetarian friendly as well. And of course, our ice cream and sundaes are delicious vegetarian options.

Why do you charge for condiments?

We charge for condiments to ensure our customers take only as many as needed. This helps to reduce the trash produced by our restaurants as well as prevent food waste.

Why can’t you do special orders? (ie a Deluxe with no mayonnaise?)

Our business model is based on instant service rather than custom orders. To achieve that speed of service, all our burgers are made the same way. We make them shortly before you order them, so your server can take your order and serve your burger, fries and shake immediately.

Many people really enjoy our burgers and we encourage all our customers to try the way we make them at least once. We have a satisfaction guarantee, so please return your burger for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

None of these are related to my question…

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