What's 19¢ Burger Day?

In celebration of Dick’s Drive-In’s 70th Anniversary on January 28th, we will be rolling back the price of a cheeseburger or hamburger to the original price of 19¢, just like in 1954! In order to serve you and all of our loyal customers with the same efficiency and quality you’ve come to expect, we will be celebrating our anniversary on three consecutive days, each at a different location. With a value this good, we must limit this offer to one 19¢ burger per customer present and only on each location’s specific day.


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What does "one per customer present" mean?

A family of five will be able to grab five 19¢ burgers only if all five people are present at the window. A single customer will not be able to receive two 19¢ burgers if their friend is waiting in the car. This was done to ensure there will be enough burgers for everyone to be able to celebrate our 70th anniversary with us.

And just as a reminder, you can purchase additional burgers (beyond the 19¢ burgers) at our already low prices.

Can I order a 19¢ burger from DoorDash?

This deal will only be available at the window, you will not be able to order a 19¢ burger through DoorDash. Additionally, DoorDash for each location will be turned off on that location’s 19¢ Day — to ease confusion.

If I go to the wrong location, can I still get 19¢ burgers?

You must go to a location on its designated 19¢ day. We will only be offering 19¢ burgers on the dates and locations listed above.