Congratulations to our Dick’s 80’s Flashback winners!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Douglas “Stringtie” Creson: The 80’s Buzz Scooter Club

Every Sunday at noon we would meet at Dick’s on Broadway for lunch while we planned our day’s ride.

Every week 20-30 Vespa and Lambretta scooters would lineup in the parking lot for our weekly ride to a local landmark such as Hat and Boots, Jimi Hendricks grave, Gasworks Park, Georgetown Steam Plant, or a scenic drive along Lake Washington Blvd, or Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill.

We always created quite a spectacle roaring down Broadway as we scooted off.

John Keister did a segment on us for Almost Live and the Rocket Magazine had a full page spread of our club. We even had our own fanzine.

Louise Uriu: Post 80’s Wedding Anniversary Burger Run

After a posh 50th wedding anniversary in Seattle, my husband and I decided to hit Dick’s on the way home. As we pulled into the parking lot, imagine our surprise when we realized that my mom, my brother, and my aunt all had the same idea!

Brian Pierce: Never Buy Fewer Than 3 Deluxes…

After closing the Anacortes McDonalds at 11 p.m., we would cram 7 very large crew members in to a tiny Hyundai Hatchback and rocket down the highway towards The U District, leaving sparks on the highway with every slight bump we hit and trying to remember exactly which exit we needed to take (we could never all agree).

When we finally DID make it to Dicks, usually with about 20 minutes to spare before they closed for the night, we would pull up and start unloading portly McDonalds crew members in their full work uniforms from our little hatchback clown car. Thank goodness this was in a time before cellphone cameras and the Internet, can you imagine the absolute SCANDAL of it all? We were each buying giant orders, too… I personally would order a bag of 20 Dicks Deluxes so I would have enough for every meal over the course of the next week, and everyone else in the car I know was ordering at least 10 Deluxes each! We usually attracted quite a bit of attention, lots of questions, lots of “Is it legal for you guys to eat here?” type of comments… it felt like we were celebrities!

Our Manager, Todd, taught me that you NEVER buy less than three Dicks Deluxes at a time; one to eat right away, one to leave on the dashboard o your car and one for in your pocket while you walk around because you never know when you’ll wish you had a Deluxe with you. And then when you get back to the car, you have a Deluxe sitting on your dashboard, cooking for the drive home!

To this day, I still buy no fewer that 3 Deluxes at a time…