New Dick’s in Edmonds smashes company records! Most burgers sold in single day as fans flock to new drive-in

CONTACT: Carrie Shaw
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Seattle – Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. announced today that its new Edmonds restaurant smashed the previous all-time records for most burgers sold and total sales. On Friday, Edmonds fans consumed more burgers in a single day at a single restaurant in the company’s 57-year history – and by over 30 percent! Since the grand opening Thursday, Oct. 20, at 3:00 PM, hungry fans have broken hourly sales records and burgers sold, and set a new record for total sales for a single day.

“This is truly amazing and beyond anything that we had anticipated,” said Jim Spady, vice president of Dick’s Drive-In Restaurant, and son of co-founder Dick Spady, “We’ve been out talking with burger fans in the Edmonds lines, and neither rain, nor two-hour waits, deterred people from setting their sights on Dick’s delicious burgers, fries, and shakes.”

Spady added that on opening day, the Edmonds restaurant came close to running out of buns. “We had to make a couple of bun runs to other drive-ins to keep the burgers going. Our Edmonds team did an amazing job keeping up with the thousands of orders,” Spady said.

On opening day last Thursday, the drive-in started serving food around 3:30 PM. Hourly records for burgers sold and total sales were smashed and the new restaurant came only 120 burgers short of the all-time record after being open for only 10 hours.

“We knew that Friday would be a big day since we would be open for the full 15 and a-half hours, but we didn’t think it would be that big – breaking the all-time record by over 30 percent,” Spady said.

The previous record for total burgers sold on a single day by a single drive-in happened on December 23, 2010 at the Wallingford restaurant on NE 45th Street.

The new Edmonds Dick’s Drive-In is located at 21910 Hwy 99 in Edmonds 1-mile west of I-5 off exit 179 at 220th Street SW. It is Dick’s 6th restaurant, the first new Dick’s restaurant in 37 years, and the first to open in Snohomish County.